More Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

With only one week left until the biggest gift exchange of the year, stores are packed with shoppers, lines are out the door, and some folks are still trying to think about what the 'perfect' gift would look like.  You may not know what to get the cute geek in your life, and if you do, it may be out of stock.  Sucks to be a procrastinator doesn’t it? But don't worry - because retailers like are letting you procrasinate a little more, by giving you FREE 1 day shipping until the 21st, to ensure your gifts arrive in time. If you're still not sure about what to get, we've put together a another list of items your cute geek may enjoy!

3070224_sa[1]The first item on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. An 8.9 inch android powered tablet that is super thin, super fast and super fun to play with. It’s small form factor makes it great for using as an eBook reader (nook and Kindle apps available in Android market or you can borrow books from your local library), great for browsing the web and checking email. Its high definition screen also makes it great for watching videos. The forward facing camera makes it ideal for Skype (don't forget to download their lateest version) and the back camera with flash takes fantastic pictures.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is available at Best Buy and for $449.

731853c93b36135279ed0abb2c09dada485e40141[1]The next Item on the list is something reviewed by our Spanish site, CuteGeek en Espanol. It is the Pantech Pocket Android powered smart phone for at&t wireless. The Pantech Pocket has a huge 4” 1280x720p display and is probably the chubbiest smart phone on the market - but that's alright, because we still love it!

The Pocket features a 5 MP camera, which does both still pictures and HD video. It also runs on the at&t 4G network which is the fastest network at&t has to offer. Provided you have a tethering account you can also use the Pocket as a wireless hotspot which you can connect up to 5 devices too.

The Pantech Pocket will run you $49.99 with a 2 year contract from the at&t store. It’s not an iPhone but we think it’s just as fun as the iPhone for a lot less in price.

nutouchgloves_gall1[1]Next on the list will keep your cute geek's hands warm when she uses her Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or Pantech pocket outside this winter. As you know if you wear gloves you can’t really interact with a touchscreen, but with the NuTouch Gloves you can. The gloves have special material on the finger tips that allows for you to touch away on any touchscreen with out giving your finger tips frost bite.

The NuTouch Gloves are normally $19.99 but are on sale now (unsure until when) for just $11.99. For more info on that deal click here.

hp-wi-fi-touch-mouse-x7000-topview[1]Next on the list is the HP Wi-Fi Touch Mouse X7000. It’s a wireless mouse that does not use up ANY of your USB ports. Michael Reyes at has used one and loves it, Gisselle our Spanish writer loves hers as well. I am a little sad that I have yet to try one, but it is okay - I'll hold them true to their word and will still encourage folks to get it for their loved ones. 

The X7000 is available from HP Shopping for $47.99 for a limited time, it typically costs $59.99.

2419053_sa[1]Finally we have the Canon PowerShot A3300 a 16 Mega Pixel digital camera. What girl doesn’t need a camera?

This camera is gorgeous and very easy to use, It’s great for those of us with shaky hands as it has image stabilization, and with its 5x optical zoom you can get pretty close to the action. It also has 20x digital zoom but we know digital zoom isn’t that great on any camera. The A3300 is available at best buy right now for just $98.88.

Happy Holidays (again)!