Must Have Tech Gifts for Women

The holidays are upon us and for many, it means trying to create a last minute wish list that our loved ones will actually be able to shop from. While it is always nice to get perfume and other “girly” items, we women have tech needs and gifts that we want too. Tech toys aren't only for the men in our lives, and below are a few great gifts for any techie woman:

Versetta iPad 2 Bag

For the iPad or tablet owner who also happens to be a fashionista, a designer Versetta iPad bag is an excellent gift. Not only does the case provide a safe pouch for you to keep your tablet in while you are on the go, but it also comes in the form of a stylish and functional purse. The Versetta bags come in two distinct styles – the professional style which is similar to an attache and comes in neutral tones, and the other in a more modern, fashion which comes in bright and bold colors.


One of the worst parts of owning a gadget with a touch screen is having to text, game, or scroll through your screen in winter. In biting temperatures, you have to pull your gloves off to answer a phone call or scroll through or Netflix only to subject your fingers to frigid wind chills. No one wants colds hands, but no one wants to put the use of their smartphone on hold all winter either.

Agloves are seamless, knitted gloves that allow you to keep your hands warm while also using any gadget with a touchscreen.

Amazon's Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire was perhaps one of the most talked about tablet releases of this year. Available for an inexpensive $199, the Kindle Fire grants users access to their books, magazine subscriptions, and web browsing on a 7 inch screen.

Black Cat Crocheted Headphones

For those looking for a fun and warm way to listen to their iPod or other MP3 player while walking to work or school, look no further. The Black Cat Crocheted Headphones offered by Uncommon Goods literally look like a set of black cat ears and they encase your favorite pair of headphones, keeping your ears from those chilly temps and allowing you to have a little fun with an accessory that normally looks so dull.

iPad 2

The iPad 2 is truly the gift of the year. There is no other tablet that even comes close in both looks, functionality, and applications. At 10 inches, the sleek iPad has a beautiful display, access to thousands of apps, and comes with great accessories such as the iCade and iPad Keyboard Apprentice which can add to the fun the device provides.

Don't be afraid to put a few tech friendly gifts on your wish list this holiday season. Not only will it keep you from getting the predictable bath and body set, but it could potentially get you a few of the great techie gifts that you normally wouldn't buy for yourself.