Machinima Inside Gaming Awards 2011

384025_339671499379912_206273679386362_1635455_974071956_nTechnology has been a worldwide source of entertainment.  It offers us the possibility of never being lonely.  Video games have been number one to all of technology. So, over the weekend.  I, attended the third annual Machinima Inside Gaming Awards held at The Music Box in Hollywood, CA.  Since Machinima, is a Youtube based company.  I relish how they didn’t have celebrities presenting the nominees and awards.  They had true avid gamers and Youtubers presenting them. 

With so many single name sensations of the Youtube community in one room, any average Joe would feel apart of the group.  Just to name a few, I met ijustine , xJawz, & ProSyndicate.  They were all

modest individuals and I am very impressed with the type of fan base one person can build for doing what they all love to do. 

What would an award show be without video games?  With Uncharted 3 having seven nominations and winning the award for Best Game Cinematography.  Everyone at the show were able to get their hands on the game itself, in a secluded room on the rooftop where the after party was held.  If you weren’t playing video games or mingling.  You could head downstairs and enjoy the performance by an Electronic Dance music producer, PorterRobinson.

As you're having a little fun during this month of festivities, family gatherings and end-of-the-year sighs of relief that another year is behind us.  Technology offers us the illusion of companionship without any demands of friendships which leads gamers awaiting for next year’s prominent video game to be released.

Click the link for the full re-cap of the award show. Machinima IGA 2011

Award winners for each category:

Best Trailer Dead Island - Official Announcement Trailer Best Multiplayer Gears of War 3 Best Narrative Portal 2 Best Art Direction Deus Ex: Human Revolution Best Animation Batman: Arkham City Best Game Cinematography Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Best Indie Game Bastion Most Compelling Character Wheatley - Portal 2 Best DLC Fallout New Vegas - Old World Blues Best Downloadable Game Bastion Most Original Game Rock of Ages Best Original Score Bastion Best Sound Design Dead Space 2 Gamers’ Choice Award The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Game of the Year The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim