indexHow About That For Some Acronyms! Let me try that again...The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, New York City Chapter, is holding a Toy Drive next Friday Dec 9th, focused on toys that encourage learning of the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  It makes sense. We have a very apparent gap in what are future decides to pursue as careers and what better way to address the gap than by getting to the source itself, our future, in a language they speak and enjoy, toys.

I am a member of this organization and while I am not an engineer, I sure am Hispanic and I'm finally a professional =) you don't have to be though.  The reason i joined this organization is because of the hard work and effort that they put into their chapter events to make us, more marketable and knowledgeable, through their professional development events. What I also admire is their commitment to the community, as seen with this event.

Last year was my first time attending their holiday spectacular-which is just that-and as soon as I left, I told myself I would go the following year.

It was held in Con Edison's building, had a menu to literally drool over, with the longest cookie assortment ever, while providing a plethora of speakers, ranging from college scholarship winners, to super big dogs (aka executives) at companies also making their footprint known in our communities and global worlds.  Last years event also had a toy drive, and hearing the principal of the charter school that received it was both heart warming and just invigorating because the 5 minutes it took to buy the $25 vetch laptop in RadioShack couldn't compare to the goosebumps I felt reading the thank you notes from some of the students.

I encourage you all to join professional organizations, because they can help you meet other professionals, find your next job, contribute and be an active member in your greater community, and pursue a passion that may not necessarily be aligned with your day job.

Back to the Toy Drive - when I read it was a STEM drive, I thought holy moly, how can I find a cool $25 gift, because when I thought of the requirement of it being a STEM toy, my mind starting over-thinking/heating/processing (at the same time) because automatically my brain envisioned it would be some crazy complex scientific chemistry set that would just entertain a child for maybe 5 minutes, until he put juice in his flask or something...but then I clicked on their suggested gift list - yes they got one...and thought wow, these toys are fun!

rainbow makerI am excited to go to the holiday party, which is open to everyone, members and non-members, next Friday evening (RSVP here if interested). I haven't quite decided on my toy, but I may go with Kikkeland's Rainbow Maker because its my favorite thing I received this year - solar panel, screws, crystals, light = BAM = rainbows in my room. That qualifies as a STEM toy :).

For more information or questions about the event, go to their site or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy holidays! See ya'll there!

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