'Tis the season to start giving...

...out your business cards!(yea, I said it!)

Holiday Party Season is back and I have a rack of dresses ready to be worn.

This time of year is the best time to gather up with folks, eat yummy food, drink on someone else's tab (preferibly) and mix and mingle because the star in Rockefeller Center shouldn't be the only thing shining - we all should be shining too! and bringing that light into the lives of others.

Being a huge networker and natural born woo-er...I absolutely love this time, but not just because I have a bunch of evenings filled with events, but because this is also a time where you can bring your greatness into the lives of others. This week I'll be posting various networking events for individuals in technology and I want you all to take advantage of the various memberships you can obtain, and also the new invaluable resources that these can bring you.

I have a couple on my list already starting with WebGrrls, SHPE-NYC, and WITI. I will start giving the scoop on those events on Thursday & Friday. Don't be shy. You don't really need a business card - you just need to have a smile (and a toy if you're going to SHPE-NYC's Holiday Toy Drive).

Send me any other opportunities to my email and I'll be sure to showcase it on CuteGeek.com! (RadirisD@cutegeek.com)

GeneralRadiris Diaz