Holiday Gift Guide!

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanza and Happy Hanukkah, what ever you may believe in - this is one of the most amazing times of the year and it's my favorite. It’s a time where everyone trios to be nicer to everyone, and happiness fills the air. If only it could be like that all year long. Oh but it can be...

Our annual 2011 Holiday Gift Guide is finally here! In the guide we include various items that we think you and your loved ones may enjoy for the holidays. Some items are marked with this image “favicon” it simply means it made the gift guide as well.

1036858_sa1[1]The first item on the list, also made Radiris DiazBest Buy Wish List” and made our holiday gift guide last year. It’s the Xbox 360 with Kinectfavicon. It does what the Nintendo Wii wanted to do, and that’s turn you into the controller. With the Xbox 360 Kinect there is no need to hold any remotes or controllers as you are the controller. You can use the movement of your hands to navigate through various screens, your body to control your characters movements on-screen and your voice to tell the Xbox what to do.

It is a great piece of technology. It will bring your family together, it will help the kids in your life be more active even if they do not go outside. The Kinect for the Xbox 360 is the future now.

The Xbox 360 with Kinect is available from various retailers, such as,,, and more!

The next item on the list is for the fashionista in all of us! Just because we are Geekettes does not mean we don’t have any fashion, and just because it’s fashionable it doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. Jill.e designs brings us fashionable, functional bags that any geekette like me would love.

I have fallen in love with two of Jill.e bags. The Laptop Valise and the Laptop Satchel. They are both pictured below. They are available in White, Purple and Black, and a Tanish version is available as well. They are BEAUTIFUL BAGS and have loads of pocket space.

Jill.e has loads of camera bags as well, and if I had a camera I’d snag one up.

Next on the list is the Jawbone Erafavicon. The Jawbone Era is an amazingly beautiful Bluetooth headset and one of the best around. It’s “NoiseAssassin” feature kills any background noise around you and makes for a clearer conversation with whom ever you're talking too.

overview-6-2-2[1]It also has HD audio which allows you to hear your phone calls, music and videos in full spectrum. There is even an android app to help you save battery of your Bluetooth device. It’s also available in 4 colors, check them out the four colors in the image to the right.

The Jawbone headsets are available at BestBuy.comfor $129.99.

2135045_sa[1]The next item on the list is probably the most expensive, the Samsung 55” LED 3D TV, model number UN55D7000L. It’s a beautiful, super thin with silver finish 3D television. It’s any gamers dream just as BombHor (Professional Gamer) on twitter, what TV she wants and she will tell you this one. (I love love love love love Samsung TVs FYI)

Various women from Cute Geek and even Michael from have seen this television in action at the Samsung Experience in NYC and it’s simply amazing. If it weren’t for the price tag I am sure we all would snag one up!

The television is available at Best Buy.

31WRBY-WXELNext on the list is something small but will brighten up your home. They are the Energizer Flameless Candles which are available on The candle is pretty sweet and I personally thought it added a bit of class to my living room. I turn it on at night and it adds a bit of light to the room but not too much. It sets somewhat of a romantic mood.

The candle turns on with a simple touch, and there are no cables or anything. It’s 100% battery-powered. The candle even flickers as if it were a real candle and the flickers are random and look very realistic.

This in our opinion is a great gift for the home!

to_pa3974u1C8K_300[1]Now onto the 6th and 7th item on the list, the Toshiba CAMILEO X416 1080P HD Camcorder and it’s on sale at for just $279.99 until the end of the year.

The CAMILEO X416 features 23x optical zoom and 120x digital zoom, electronic image stabilization for those with shaky hands like me, 16 GB of memory which equals about an 2 and a half hours worth of record time, expandable via SD card.

dx1210-st4n22[1]Also available at, is the 21.5” DX1210 All in 1 PCfavicon. The DX1210 is a work horse. It has so much power in it thanks to the Intel Core i7 processor inside. The 21.5” touchscreen also makes it a great PC for toddlers who just like to poke things and are just learning how to use the PC.

The DX1210 comes with a wireless keyboard and Mouse, and will fit perfectly anywhere in your home. With a starting price of just $729, it’s sure to be in the budget for most looking for a new PC these holidays.

Now we move onto our final recommendation, for this guide and its CELL PHONES and guess what we aren't going to recommend the iPhone 4s. Everyone else is recommending those so we are recommending everything else. There are dozens of phones on the market currently that offer so much more than the iPhone. The LG Thrill 3D for at&t is a great phone with a large screen and a 3D camera. Guess what it also runs on the at&t 4G network. It’s also only $49.99 or the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play another great phone for just $49.99.

For Sprint you have the HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Conquer 4G. Verizon has a bunch of great phones for under $50. Skip the iPhone there are plenty of better phones out there. My absolute favorite and the one I would urge all Verizon subscribers to buy is HTC's Rhyme.  The Rhyme is my favorite phone of the year because it was made with women in mind. I truly believe it was made for women, by women, because it just seems to be so resourceful and useful.  It's a beautiful plum color, very slim, has a beautiful resolution (the pics come out great), the charging dock turns into a speaker (a really good), comes with super comfy headphones, has a charm that lights up when you're phone is on silent or on vibrate and you're getting called or receive a notification...and its amazing...although that seems to be the word of the day for me.  I love this phone. You have to just get to a store and try it out.  While it does not have a QWERTY keyboard, it has everything else you can possibly desire. I love it...if you haven't already noticed.

There are a couple of gifts that I like to leave to the end because by this point, only the ones that are truly interested in getting someone the best gift out there are still reading...

For that special someone that brings magic into your life:

Kikkerland's Solar Powered Double Rainbow Maker I absolutely love waking up to a plethora of rainbows in my room.  It's one of those gadgets that I never knew I would appreciate so much, Wendy, our super mom blogger, got it for me earlier this year and it instantly puts a smile on my face. Very relaxing and just magical.

For that geek in your life that just loves to work hard, but plays so much harder:

Ali's Spagnola's Shot Glass USB featuring her awesome Powerhour songs (after each song - 60 seconds long, you take a shot...guaranteed an awesome time)...Ali you're hot! The songs are hot! We love you for this! Way to bring being a nerd cool - even at the bar!!

For women of all ages - those are okay and conscious of their sexuality.  Listen, I'm not all pro-masturbation, but I am pro-identifying and calling out your needs and wants, dreams and's something that has helped me a lot...the We-Vibe 2...and as of recently, the We-Vibe 3.  I was never one to run home and know...but...wait, I'm still not. But I am a-okay with my sexuality, and love using this line with my loser ex-boyfriends 'Hey that thing you do, yea...I can do it better, quicker and with less drama'.  Thanks We-Vibe.  I recommend the We-Vibe 2 because it is much more affordable, and although the We-Vibe 3 comes with a remote, I already lost mine, and its only been 3 weeks...great gift though, I truly recommend it (it's number 1 on my list...the gift I give to all of my girls getting married or experiencing a breakup...)

For those that love listening to music, working out with music, etc...

Yurbuds are still top on my list.  One year going strong and they are the most comfortable to wear during my commute to work, or when I am trying to work out. Perfect gift for your fit-geek!

We hope you have a great holiday season!  As we get more items, we'll post more recommendations - just remember, we're a bunch of opinionated Cute Geeks - we're going to like a ton of things.  If you ever need help buying something for someone, I will offer my personal advice - I give the bestest most thoughtful gifts. My email is - contact me and let me know if you need help getting someone a gift.  While this list contacts a lot of things, presence over presents will always hold the most value in my world.

Happy Shopping, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays...