When phones become teething toys

While we all want the children in our lives to eat apples - preferibly an apple a day, to keep the doctor away...having them chew away at our apple products just isn't what we had in mind. My 5 month old god-daughter - aka Julianne - the iPhone 4Slobber - is an avid lover of all apple products - her favorite being her mommy and daddy's iPhone.  While this picture is extremely cute, and we are all patiently awaiting the arrival of her adorable teeth, having to speak into a drooled phone just isn't cool.

Being the tech collector that I am, I was able to donate an old flip phone to the cause, but like many of us know, today's babies are smart. They are so smart they want 'smart' phones - so I'm sorry Fisher Price - you just won't cut it with my precious Julianne because she knows her divalicious mommy will not sport a highlighter yellow colored device. Right Glo?

Don't worry, I found a solution on Amazon.com!

Did you know they sell 'dummy' phones (please don't get offended) that look just like the real thing - so real they are marked as display phones? They are even sold as toys for children, so why not spend $75 on the replacement phone that you will after get from all the water damage the drool causes...just buy a display phone!

In less than 24 hours - thanks to my free 2 day shipping, our precious Julie will be chewing on her own BlackBerry Curve, for only $14.99.

I also purchased her a Palm Centro - because I rock two phones, so why shouldn't she.

Anyway - for any parents or folks with children who love to put everything in their mouth - here is your solution.

BlackBerry or Palm, you choose. ($14.99 and $9.99 respectively)