Worried where your seafood is coming from -- Seafood Watch App!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has started a program called Seafood Watch. If you're concerned about eating ocean-friendly food (and nutritious), then this app is right for you!

The Seafood Watch program started with pocket guides featuring safe seafood depending on region. Now they have apps for the iPhone and Android devices! The app allows you to search seafood by Best Choice, Good Alternatives and seafood that should be avoided because they are farmed in harmful ways.

The app allows you to add/tag restaurants with the "best choice" seafood so that others can search for them as well, knowing that they are great places to eat! It also features a section with  new-stories and breakthroughs in the seafood industry.

So, perhaps you don't eat seafood, or you might not care at all...but this is truly a great way to know that you're putting delicious, nutritious and economically friendly food in your body.  Think about it this way, right now a food industry is researching ways to grow salmon 4 times faster...would you really want to knowingly eat that genetically altered Salmon?