If you're a read-a-holic, check-out GoodReads.com

I missed website Wednesday, so I'm posting this now. :)  I have never been a big reader, I know, I know, my sister is a librarian...what happened to me, right?  Well recently I have become a mini-bookworm, I feel like I'm 10 years old and I just re-discovered imagination! <--thank you HUNGER GAMES!

However, my biggest struggle has always been finding new books to read.

Where do you start? INSERT:  GoodReads.com

Why I love it: The thing that is cool about good reads, is you can share the books you are reading with your friends. You can save the ones you want to read in the future, and rate the ones you have previously read. You can view updates from your friends and add their books to your 'shelf'

What's the best part? (for me anyways) Like I said, I've always had a huge problem with finding books to read. Recently GoodReads added a feature similar to Netflix, where if you rate 20 books, they will recommend others to you based on your reading history.

What's even cooler...they have lists already going, that you can browse in specific genres! So say if you like books about vampires... ;-) they have a list of top 100 best books featuring vampires. Or if you like books with strong female lead roles, they have a list of that. LISTOPIA it is called!

Check out GoodReads.com, it's awesome.

Now, go on and re-discover your imagination!