Review: Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire Review amazon-kindle-fire-tablet[1]I’ve had the Kindle Fire for a few hours now and been able to play around with most of the features it has to offer. You can go on the web, download apps, games, books, documents, movies, videos, music.

My initial reaction upon receiving it was the weight. It’s not heavy, but it was much more than I anticipated. It weighed about a size of a medium paperback book to me. I wasn’t expecting that since the previous versions of the kindle have been extremely light and thin. It’s about 19cm x 12cm x 1cm; slightly smaller than a playbook.

Once I turned it on it was like heaven! The color, the features, is absolutely amazing. The screen is shiny like the iPad so there is some glare; unlike the commercials for kindle, you cannot bring this one to the beach and read it under the sun.

The kindle is set up with a main screen, which gives you your most recent apps/documents/books you were on. Then there are sub screens for Newsstand, books, apps, video, music and the web. Each of these sub screens are set up differently. There is also a search option, where you can search for anything in your kindle or the web.

For Storage – You can either save it on your kindle or the cloud. You are given 5GB free space and after that there is a charge.

Books – It’s set up just like the iBook application in the iPad. You can choose to see it by Grid or List View and filter by Author, Most recent or Title. It will tell you what % of the book you have already read and you can also bookmark pages. It is identical to the iBook application except that you can change font sizes and types.

Apps – It uses the Amazon App Store as its source so if you already have an android device it should be seamless. It automatically pops up in your cloud. If you already owned tablet compatible apps you can just download them onto your fire.

Videos - If you have Amazon Prime, you can stream TV shows and movies. You can also purchase movies and TV series to download on your kindle or stream. (If you download, you can watch them when you are not connected to Wifi)

You also have the option of downloading a Netflix app or a Hulu App if you don’t want to purchase Amazon Prime.

Music - You can either transfer MP3 files directly into your kindle or upload to the cloud. In order to upload to the cloud, you need to download the Cloud MP3 uploader. It manages the Music by Artist, Song, Genre.

Web - Accessing the internet on the kindle fire was always a question mark, since we didn’t know what we were expecting. It looks like its using a Google chrome like program, where it has tabs and remembers the recent sites you’ve been on. You can add bookmarks and manage your pages. The speed was fast. I was able to go on Facebook and go on a few websites at the same time and was fast as my computer would be.

Transferring files – It’s a breeze! You can just connect your kindle to your computer via USB and just drag and drop. I was able to transfer 400 books, 20 MP3’s, and 15 pdf files within 15-20 minutes. You can manage your files from your kindle or your computer.

When you transfer files into your kindle by computer, you are transferring to your kindle and not the cloud.


-It’s a kindle!

-Lending Library – you can borrow a book a month for free from their library.

-Amazon App Store – if you have an android phone/tablet you can download onto your kindle automatically (if its compatible)

-It’s $199 for a tablet

-Fast processor. Can view websites and run apps like any other computer or tablet.

-Easy to transfer from your computer.


-Need an Account

-Can’t find a versatile cover (iPad and Prior Kindle’s have covers which help with battery save/turn off when covered function)

-WiFi Only. Cant access the cloud all the time

-Volume is not high enough to listen to music from afar.

-No Camera so can’t take pictures and upload. (Also have not found a screen capture ability built in)

Overall the speed of the maneuvering within the kindle is very fast and easy. It has all the features a tablet would have except it does not have a camera. I think it’s under valued for what it does for you. I definitely think it will be a big competitor in the tablet market because of what it can do for the price ticket of $199.