Biscotti Introduces High Definition TV Phone

Today Biscotti Inc. not the cookie company, introduced what they are calling the first High Definition TV Phone. Michael Reyes from checked it out at CES Unveiled a week ago.

The Biscotti TV Phone turns your high-definition TV into a communication hub, where you can speak to your friends and family on Skype or others with a Biscotti TV. The unit requires no computer just an internet connection (Wi-Fi or Wired) and from what I was told by Michael Reyes who was able to check it out, it’s so easy to set up my grandma who knows not a lick of English could set it up in a matter of minutes on her own. That’s something I want to check out for myself.

Biscotti TV Phone is now available for sale in the United States and Canada for just $199.  Unlimited free video calls are included - there are no monthly fees! For more information or to purchase, please visit

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