All We Want For the Holidays is a Phone Call

4000030_thumb[1]That according to a study conducted by research firm Toluna on behalf of VTech. manufacture of cordless landline phones. Some of which are REALLY COOL like the LS6245 and the LS6375-03. According to the survey, we are feeling the effects of the economy with more than half of those who participated in the survey saying they “wished they had more money for presents”. The survey also found that a lot of us including myself although I did not participate in the survey would love to have a phone call from Friend and Family during the holidays. Please note the emphasis on FRIENDS and FAMILY.

The survey found we really don’t want calls form our co-workers during the holidays or people we really don’t get a long with, so before you pick up the phone think about it first if we aren’t related or good friends maybe you shouldn’t dial the number. Smile

Now off to call my mami!