WD Live TV

wdfWDTV_Livenetwork.jpg[1]Two weeks ago Michael Reyes from HardwareGeeks.com let me hold his brand spanking new WD TV Live streaming media player, and I have yet to give it back. He probably won’t get it back either because it’s an awesome device. The WD TV Live allows me to stream content from my computer, or network storage device and see it on my television. I can now easily show my friends and family pictures with out them hovering around my laptop's monitor, or I can watch Netflix, Hulu (Oh man I used to love this show called Outlaw), rent movies from Blockbuster and CinemaNow, and even listen to music from Pandora or Spotify. You will have to update your Spotify account but it is well worth it. I can even check my Facebook without opening my laptop.

Setup was SUPER easy. I am not completely clueless when it comes to setting things up, especially a a device like this so I expected it to take me much longer than it did. Only two steps - Connect to television and then connect to Wi-fi. I was able to do it all in under 5 minutes.

If you are curious why did it take me the entire 5 minutes? Minute 1 – 2: Connecting it to the TV, Wi-Fi and a Power Outlet (Not in that order) Minute 3 – 5: Calling the cable company to cancel. (Who needs cable when you have HULU, NetFlix and Blockbuster) I’ll save myself over $120 a month! Haha - just kidding. I would have to confirm that with my roommate first but hey...

I would love to save $120 a month. I can also connect a hard drive to the WD LIVE TV and stream that content or content from off of my network.

Overall I love it and sorry Michael you will have to syndicate this review on HardwareGeeks.com because you are NOT getting this back.

I suggest you all head over to http://westerndigital.com and pick one up, it will make the perfect gift for any girlfriend, wife, sister or mother this holiday season!