Web Wednesday: Zamzar.com - get free music online

Say goodbye to not being able to get your favorite song because its either not out - or because your latest jam is a crazy mix you heard on youtube.com - Zamzar.com is hereeee!! Thankfully, my wonderful cousin told me about it this weekend and he opened up my eyes to a whole new world of wonderful. While I still buy albums - yes, I do support - I am also a fan of NOT having to spend money, so the way this works is that this website converts your files, as long as they are up to 100MB, into almost whatever you want - from a file or from a website...

Have a favorite video on youtube.com? Want to listen to the song on your way to work? Well put the URL, choose the file type, enter your email and bada, bing, bada, boom! You're all set.

The file will be available for 24 hours after receipt of the email, and you get all of this for how much? Oh wait, its free!!

Enjoy - we have to take advantage while this lasts!!

GeneralRadiris Diaz