MyTunes App Review

IMG_0011Michael Reyes over at convinced me to install the new SRSLabs MyTunes App onto my iPod touch. He said it would deliver a music experience like nothing I ever heard before.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try so I downloaded the app from the App store and began to listen to my mix of music, at first I didn’t notice any real difference and realized I wasn’t using the app. I’m a brunette but I do have my blond moments.

So finally I opened up the App and began to play my music again and I heard a vast improvement. It was as if the music suddenly had soul. It didn’t sound flat anymore.

I haven’t unlocked all the features yet it cost $4.99 to do so, but I might just buy it because there are some pretty cool features such as the DJ Transition.

The App is available in the Apple App Store now. Download it!