Paying Respect at NYC Apple Store

309463_738741718559_4800543_36339093_413050168_nI stopped by the Apple store on 59th and 5th Ave. here in NYC as I wanted to pay my respect to Steve Jobs. Everyone seemed a bit somber.

Today I honor and celebrate your life. Not with sadness but with joy, because of how much you transformed the world through tech.

The tech world has lost a great man, but we have gained so much from him and he will live continue to live on, because if you own an iPod or not it is the iPod that revolutionized the music world, it was the iPhone that revolutionized the smart phone market, and it was the iPad that revolutionized that tablet market.

Thank you Steve Jobs for innovating, and forcing others to innovate as well! 309463_738741718559_4800543_36339093_413050168_n