October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

cyberMonthOne of the biggest threats we face today as internet and smartphone users is the theft of our identity. Our identity can easily be stolen if we are tricked into entering private information into a fake bank website for example, or if we lose our mobile phones.

We all know how to protect ourselves online, we are wary of the websites we visit, we use security software and other tools to make sure we are safe from website to website. But we don’t do much about our mobile phones. Sure there are fine my phone features if you have an iPhone or Windows Phone but what about an Android based device? Like a android powered tablet or smartphone.

According to a NPD Groups study on Emergency Technology Trends in Mobile Security, nearly 40% of us are aware of the threats out there, however 82 percent of us use no security products on our mobile phones and 25% of us have no idea where to find such software.

logoWe have partnered with MyLookOut.com to give away 5 pro subscriptions of their Lookout Mobile app a $39 value each to 5 of our visitors, to help you protect yourself on your mobile device.

The Lookout mobile software will help you locate your phone if stolen, it backs up your data and so much more. So click the Market Icon on your android powered device and download it. There is also a pro version which we are giving subscriptions away for which will run you $39.Read down below for info on how to win your subscription.

I had a demo of the software a few weeks ago at an event here in NYC and it ROCKED! I downloaded it onto my phone as soon as I got home!

The MyLookOut.com blog is also sharing 5 tips with you on how to protect yourself.

Steps to Protect Your Smartphone:

  1. Set a password. A password is the first line of defense so only you can access the important data on your phone.

  2. Download the software updates for your phone. It is important to stay up-to-date with the software on your phone and apps. They can include patches to security flaws that can put your information at risk.

  3. Download a security app. Just like your PC, you should download security software like Lookout Mobile Security to stop malware, spyware and malicious apps. With the right app, you can also locate a lost or stolen phone and back up your data.

  4. Use discretion when downloading apps. One of the most exciting things to do with a new smartphone is explore all the great applications you can download onto it. But, as you explore, make sure to only download apps from sites you trust, check the app’s rating, and read the reviews to make sure the app is widely used and respected.

  5. On public Wi-Fi, limit email, social networking and only window shop. Public Wi-Fi networks are everywhere, but security for these networks is not. Be careful what you do on public Wi-Fi networks, and in particular, use extra caution when shopping and mobile banking unless you’re confident you have a secure connection.

To find regularly updated information about mobile threats visit http://blog.mylookout.com/.

Now if you want to win a Subscription to the Pro Version of MyLookOut, comment to this post with what measures you take to protect your self.

Good luck and even if you don’t win the free version works great as well!

Just an FYI contest ends on Halloween!