RIM Announces “BBM Generation” Program for Youth

bbmgenerationToday Research in Motion the makers of the Blackberry has launched a new program for youth called “BBM Generation”.

BBM Generation is an online hub that will offer our youth access to contest and promotions designed for them and help promote collaboration and achievement among themselves. The first contest will revolve around fashion, music, film, sports, pop culture and entrepreneurship.

The contest will be judged by the BBM Challenge Council which include Whitney Port, Greyson Chance, Michelle Trachtenberg, Hope Solo, Jared Eng, and Lauren Berger.

Here’s how the BBM Challenge Council contest works:

Beginning October 3rd, candidates for each of the categories named above are invited to submit a video or photo and essay at (www.bbmchallengecouncil) telling the BBM Challenge Council member why they should be picked as a protégé.  Up to 25 protégés will be selected in each category and invited to compete in the Challenge.*

Protégés will be sent a new BlackBerry® 7 smartphone for themselves and up to three friends, who will collaborate on the Challenges outlined below.  Each BBM Challenge Council member will also provide their protégés with their personal BBM™ PINs and communicate directly with the protégés during the course of the program to issue challenges and offer support and encouragement.

The BBM Challenge Council will issue four separate challenges to their protégés over an eight week period.  Challenges will range from pitching an idea for a business to raising money for charity.  Protégés will use their BlackBerry smartphone to document their entries, collaborate with their teams using BBM, and tap their social networks to garner support as they compete for the attention of their council member.  

At the end of the contest, a winning protégé will be selected from each category, earning a trip for their team to visit and spend time with their council member.

The contest will unfold online as program followers can see videos featuring the BBM Challenge Council detailing each of the Challenges and watch video footage generated by the protégés for each of the challenge submissions.

But this isn’t all, along with the BBM Challenge Council Contest, Blackberry has sponsored events and activities at over 65 colleges and universities across the US and Canada. Blackberry will be recruiting students at these schools to be Brand Ambassadors of sorts.

For more information on BBM Generation visit http://www.blackberry.com/bbmgeneration

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