VITAband - the future of medical bracelets

VITAband - The future for medical ID bracelets.   As an extreme sports enthusiast, (or so I claim to be ;-)), I'm really excited about the VITAband. The VITAband is essentially a new-age medical ID bracelet. How? Well each bracelet comes with an imprinted personal identification number (VITAnumber). So, should anything happen to you a first-responder can call the VITAband number to access your personal information.

On the VITA website you can set up your profile to include medications, allergies, and emergency contacts. But wait, theres MORE...the VITAband also features Visa payWave (contact-less payment). It's a prepaid card so you don't have to worry about someone running off with your fortune.

The VITAband is great for anyone into hiking, cycling, running (marathon training..whoa!) and lastly climbing (or you can wear it because it's sweet).

I recently took up climbing as a hobby, it's a sport where safety is utmost important. Having been out-door sport climbing a handful of times (its so scary but REALLY fun too!), makes me really appreciate what the VITAband folks are doing.

This brings me to the reason why the VITAband is so awesome.  It's because you can have your information on you at all times --- JUSTINCASE! But at the same time it doesn't get in the way of your activity. In other words, you won't have to complain about not having a place to put your license in your cycling shorts.

Way-to-go VITAband!