Toshiba Thrive 7

Today Toshiba announced an Android powered tablet with a 7” screen available in December. The Thrive 7 will have a similar look and feel as the 10” Thrive, although it will not have a full size USB, HDMI or SD port, only mini for HDMI and USB and micro SD. We had a chance to play with one earlier today and I must admit, I think it would make a great eBook reader for those of us who are on the NY City subway system often. The NVIDIA Tegra chip makes it great for gaming as well.

Pricing not available yet but it will be sub $400. There will also be an optional dock available.

Here are some images of the Thrive 7. AT1S0_AT1S5_FRONT_STRT_VAT1S0_AT1S5_FRONT_LFT_VIMG_0344

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