Favorite Website/Book of the Week: Happiness-Project.com

I love when I get the feeling of ‘a-ha!’ in my head – as if I have a secret magician that just twirls its wand when something extraordinary happens, or when two things click in my head or simply when things become crystal clear. During one of my most recent travel excursions in JetBlue’s Terminal in JFK Airport, I found myself walking around the Border’s store – the one that had ‘Going Out of Business’ plastered everywhere – staring at a book that seemed familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember why. I picked up this canary yellow book and read the back and though WOW – I’ve been to this website. I had been there and had bookmarked it because I was impressed from everything I read and its one of those websites that you know you can go to when you need a dose of 'happy' in your life.

I picked up The Happiness Project!. I came across the website a couple of months ago, and like many things that peak my interest when I have no time, I bookmarked it and told myself ‘totally gotta blog about this’. The concept was so nice – doing something nice everyday…that’s all I could remember, but that’s the most important part.

I picked up the book and started reading and I swear – I could not put it down. I went to the Dominican Republic that weekend and although I was in a beautiful, fun-filled country – I read before I went to sleep and as soon as I woke up…I went on a birthday extravaganza trip with the sisters that I chose in my life, aka awesome friends, and in between wine and champagne tasting I was reading my book. I got ready before all of my girls, something that never happens, to go to the car and have quiet time to read.

The book had me – all of me. I wanted to finish the book so bad, but let me tell you why.

I love reading. I enjoy books that teach me something the most - business, self-help, memoirs, etc. - call them what you want. I love to make myself better but it’s because of the experiences that I’ve endured and the goals and challenges that I set for myself that I am always striving for more or better. The author, Gretchen Rudin, didn’t have a weight loss problem, or a terrible breakup, or a desire to transform herself because someone else she should – she did it because although she was happy, she wanted to become happier.

Who does that? Who tells themselves ‘Hey, I’m great at this, but you know what, I’m tired of being the best – I want to be the greatest.’

When you think about it – maybe athletes, or people who are compensated or rewarded according to their performance think that way, but many of us don’t. Many of us are comfortable with our current situations, can probably point out a way that it could be worse before it could be better.

Gretchen personified the ideals that I hoped to one day obtain – to focus on better, even when I was well off.

This book is an extremely enjoyable read and the website will keep your creative juices flowing as you try to identify ways that you can improve things in your life. I absolutely recommend it and am actually considering starting a Happiness Project of my own in NYC. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining – email me at RadirisD@cutegeek.com.