Favorite Website of the Week: TheFutureProject.Org

I recently wrote about The Future Project and because I felt such passion when I learned about their mission and vision, I felt compelled to write about them once more – because this is the last opportunity to become a Future Coach. They need coached in NYC, DC and New Haven, CT. Time commitment is 90 minutes a week to work with High School Students. (Deadline is 11:59PM September 9th)

This is the first year and it’ll be very exciting. Besides being a pioneer – there are so many things to learn, so many people to meet, and so many ways to spread the word. There are power in numbers – GroupOn and other sites have proved it. Instead of aiming towards obtaining bargaining power – why not strive to establish some sort of superhero-like intellectual power that’ll cause all sorts of goodness…

Surprise…You Can!

Go to TheFutureProject.Org and find out how…even if you are not able to become a Future Coach, but you can contribute your time in another way, reach out and offer yourself – you won’t regret it. If you want to see what I wrote before - go here, or check this one out.