Lenovo's New Android Tablets

There are times when I receive invites and I’m not sure if I should feel super cool, or if I’m just Mike’s +1. Yesterday, despite being Mike’s +1, I felt super duper cool because we had an evening of 3 tech events – back to back to back. Needless to say, we only made it to two – but probably the best two I’ve been to this year.

Lenovo – our first stop had a beautiful set up at the W in Union Square NYC. I love Lenovo – and for more reasons than just being ex-IBMers, like myself. I have been a ThinkPad fan since my college days – Carnegie Mellon encouraged its students to get IBM laptops, and in the graduate business school, it was mandated (if I remember correctly). The computers are great – they’re durable, last a long time, don’t crash, feel nice and they have the lovely reminder to ‘think’…it’s wonderful.

At yesterday’s Tablet event, I am embarrassed to admit but I found out, 8 months after taking a huge picture with the best advertisement at CES, what Corning was about. They really are tough, yet beautiful, and in more devices than we think.

(First of all, if you’re thinking about Corning products being in your kitchen – you’re right…they used to make kitchen tools, but switched out and went into the wonderful world of consumer electronics.)

Lenovo chose them as their screen provider because of how strong, sleek and unbreakable their glass is – unless you have a lot more muscles than me, and let me tell you, I’m also tough. I tried my hardest to break the various glass pieces they had us demo and even after putting my back into it, I couldn’t break it. The screen on Lenovo’s Tablet is only .07 inches and it’s the best .07 inches you’ll ever get in your life…I mean, it has to be right? This is Lenovo, aka IBM for the oldies but goodies…it has to be good.

I got my hands on the Tablet ThinkPad (IdeaPad for consumers) and felt a closeness that only a mother feels with her child…I’m not a mother, but hey, I can imagine. I felt like I was reunited with an old flame…I felt all warm inside, just by holding their latest product to hit the market. I swiped screens, looked at apps, picked a project managers brain and then came across the coolest app.

MyScript Notes Mobile (also available for iPad users –I’m just saying…)

This application turns your tablet into a notebook, allowing you to take notes in over 25 languages, recognizing what you write, or allowing you to write in a freestyle manner. Erasing, and navigating in the application is incredibly intuitive and after receiving a demo, I loved it a tad bit more.

Mike and I were fortunate enough to meet a Latino that worked at the company (we were very excited because he was able to give us a demo in his beautiful Colombian Spanish). Giovanni worked for this French company and lived there. Honestly, the highlight of the Lenovo event were all the Hispanic/Latino elements…from the Spanish demo, to the extraordinary combination of the finest cheeses with guava balls…Never, ever, have I ever…(remember that game)…had such yummy guava and cheese, outside of someone’s home.

Lenovo’s tablet starts at $479 (base config) but for a couple of more bucks you can add the handy dandy stylus, get the keyboard doc ($99) which kind of turns the tablet into a PC…you get true HD on it, and if you like Android, and aren’t worried about it crashing (and you shouldn’t be because Lenovo worked really hard to ensure that it won’t) then go for it. Buy a Tablet and let the thinking begin…and never stop…

Find out more about the ThinkPad and the IdeaPad (which comes in Red, White or Black).