Celebrate timeless beauty with the Limited Edition HP 12c

Celebrating 30 years of greatness usually occurs in a club, or in a tropical destination with all of your closest friends – at least in my world, but in HP’s world it’s held in a very intimate setting, with folks passionate in a plethora of things. That’s how my Tuesday evening began. Actually, it began after I greeted HP’s lovely Laura Harich, and then spotted a fellow CMU alum, whose father was also in attendance, who also loved CMU…great times! I love running into my fellow Tartans everywhere I go – especially when its at a technology event, or simply an event that brings working brains together.

Back to the topic at hand - in a dimly lit backroom, hidden in a steakhouse in the financial district, I was introduced to HP’s masterpiece – the HP 12c. I didn’t tell a soul in the room that I had never heard about the 12c, but now, shoot, I can talk to you all for at least an hour about it.

As I tried to avoid the HP 12c guru (Gene Wright), because I had no idea what question to ask to make it seem like I knew what I was talking about, he found the best seat in the house – next to me. We spoke for too short of a time and by the end of it all I could tell him was wow – HP must be paying you the big bucks…until he told me he doesn’t even work for them! I was blown away to hear so many great things about this calculator from someone who simply loved the product and knew almost everything there was to know about it.

I’ll give you the scoop – paraphrased of course.

HP’s 12c is the bomb.com because:

It hasn’t changed since 1981

HP 12c vintage (Here's the proof)

It calculated well then, and calculates even quicker today.

Its form factor exudes the ‘I belong on your desk’ vibe that calculator users (in this case lots of finance folks and engineers)

It’s not intimidating, despite being a scientific calculator, and its display is very clear, no matter from what angle you’re looking at it

Requires a new way of thinking about calculators because it stacks numbers instead of calculates them separated so instead of putting 1+2+3 you would put 1 2 3 and then +…weird, but hey, once you go 12c, you don’t go back!

Original batteries lasted over 20 years in some cases (crazyyyy)

And the best thing I heard about it, was that if reality calculated something for you and gave you X, and the HP 12c calculated it at Y – you need to double check reality…(this sounded a lot better coming from Gene, especially when he used the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as a reference).

Congratulations – way to show us how to make something work on its first attempt…we don’t see that too often anymore, and sometimes we need reminders.

Happy 30th Anniversary!!! Be sure to get the Limited Edition 12c for all the geeks in your life. And if you want to learn more about the history, why it rocks and why it'll remain a timeless beauty - check out HP's take on the 12c...

The best part of the night, although I've listed so many already is that they had a giveaway...and I won...ironic thing about the contest is that I was recording it and then realized I had won...I'll post that video as soon as I can :) Thank's HP!!