Favorite Website of the Week: ZocDoc.com

logo_header_b__201108271505 Ever needed a specific doctor/dentist and couldn’t find them?

Limited availability? Traveling for work? Living in a new city?

I’m sure you’ve said yes to at least one of those questions and have been frustrated by the runaround that some insurance companies give you, even if you’re searching online.  There is never enough information – either the phone number is missing, or you can’t see their availability.

The answer is ZocDoc.com – a good friend just told me about it this week and I’ve already used it.  It’s FREE, easy and reliable.

If you need a doctor, even a specialist, you put in your location, or desired location, your health insurance type and TA-DA! You’ll get a bunch of results that also include available appointment times.  You can book online and go to sleep with a smile on your face, instead of cringing at the thought of not ever finding a doctor for that crazy back pain you’ve been experiencing for weeks…Thanks AC!Oh and they have a free app!