Thanks for Nothing HP & Apple

stocksdownThanks – my 401k probably went down another 9% this week because of you two.  How is the tech world supposed to move forward with this uncertainty of what next i-gadget is coming out, or if they will continue being cool.

And HP – damnit HP.  Can you not do such a good job at confusing the heck out of the world…

HP TouchPad…cute…not so great web OS, but still sexy…$499…and then $99…

Come onnnn…why not send a memo to your top fans, like me…now I can’t buy one anymore and I even though I signed up for the ‘please pick meeeeeeee’ website, for those that are still interested, I’m still not hopeful. I bet I was potential HP TouchPad buyer #29485723542394.

Should I stop envisioning what other coolness you’ll create? Bluetooth mouse was the thing I wanted for my new mini…but um, is that the end of an era of beautiful designs, affordable toys that instantly add value in your life use and just overall great products that last forever?

Some cool facts about HP that I didn’t know prior to this week is:
Their consumer pc business is worth over $40+ Billion
If Fortune were to rank them, as a solo company, they would be a Fortune 60 company
They have the largest supply chain in the world
They can create 2 pcs per second and they sell in over 170 countries

(impressive right? Also very reassuring…)

It means is that there are a lot of options – and like we saw with Lenovo, IBM didn’t lose it…they just transitioned their great reputation to folks that weren’t colorblind…

Oh yea – Jobs, enjoy life.  I haven’t i-fied my life, but thanks for inspiring us with your Stanford speech.  I really hope you enjoy life – I think you’ve worked hard enough, and am not sure if you should play hard, but hey, why not?  – just enjoy the fruits of your labor, you deserve it.