The Future Project - and why you should join the movement to inspire

There are many folks who hate to read, yet spend their day online…do they not know they’re reading? Well, the difference is that they’re probably reading something they enjoy – something they are passionate about. The Future Project used a very similar analogy to frame their mission. There are too many students that are not motivated, not graduating, not excelling because they just aren’t connected or engaged with their work/school/community/body/etc (add whatever else you want).
Through the identification of your passion, bringing the passion to life and impacting others - The Future Project believes it can inspire folks across America, starting with students from urban cities. I believe it too, and think it makes the most sense to start in a big city. First – because of the resources, second – because of how many people you can reach.

Would you rather throw a pebble in a puddle or in a river of ideas…I pick the river – my pebble will make a splash, a ripple, a something – and it’ll probably continue traveling with its current.

If you’re from NYC, New Haven, CT or Washington DC – I want you to go to The Future Project’s website and learn about what they do and hopefully come to the same realization that I came to, which is wow – this can benefit me just as much as that high school student. If you have the time to invest 90 minutes each week, bring your experiences, energy and simple curiosity to learn more and make things happen – then apply to be a Future Coach.

I learned about this opportunity through my employer, Ernst & Young LLP, through one of their ‘give back because it’s fun and it’s what we believe in’ emails and instantly applied. I received a response from their recruiting team and they advised me that I would be contacted about an interview and I thought damn, this is pretty serious.

My interview was on Tuesday and this is how I can best describe it: My insatiable (also my favorite word to use any where that I can) zeal to give back was quenched when I realized that I found my true passion, and that it was okay to be passionate about it. My passion is helping others achieve their highest potential, a potential they didn’t even know existed – and that’s what The Future Project is striving to do.

Who went to sleep with a super duper smile on their face…this cute geek did.

If you have any questions about the organization – feel free to contact – feel free to tell her I sent you.

Good luck!