Free Starbucks Coffee! (Well, it used to be)

Have you heard about "Jonathan's Card"?  A gentleman was doing a social/technological experiment and it involved Starbucks coffee. He made his Starbucks card available on his website, and yes you guessed it, he made it available to ANYONE. He even had a twitter account open that was updated with the card's balance. One of the things that GOOD reports is how many people not only used the card, but actually contributed and donated to it's balance! (People can be so sweet!) I am sorry to report, but as of this past Friday, the card has been shut down by Starbucks (see  Jonathan's note on his website). Is this the future of how we will make payments at stores, not only Starbucks. No more plastic? Can you imagine?

Would you use an app on your phone to pay for your coffee?  Another question, would you be concerned about the security around having your credit card so readily available?