How Dropcam Has Made Me a Better Mom

Any parent has been there. You need your child to do something, but that heart-aching cry from they protest with makes you cave in. Ok, so maybe some of you aren’t putty in your child’s hands... but I am. My son, Landon, was not one for taking a scheduled nap. His father and I were on HIS time, and we had come to accept it. Why? Because we cave into tears and pouty lips. Then, Dropcam arrived at my doorstep.

Dropcam gives a good pitch- “Watch what you love while you’re away” And they allow everyone to do it in the most tech savvy of ways- your very own wi-fi internet video cameras. I immediately followed the quick step by step installation directions on the box (connected a cable to my router just for the initial set up, plugged the power cable in, went to to enter my activation code, and added my wireless network) and BAM, we were live! At first, I used our Dropcam Echo for a few days in all the usual ways. I used it as security for our house, used it in our living room to check in on my family while I was at work, used it to watch my dog comfortably sleeping on the couch he isn’t allowed on when everyone was gone from the house, tons of ways. And I loved it! I could log in my account from any computer or use Dropcam’s Android and iPhone apps to check in day or night and get a live view of what was going on. I also would get audio and visual alerts if I opted to. Oh, yeah, and this little puppy can record!

Then, this past week, it hit me. Dropcam could be the ultimate nap time tool at our house. No more having Landon guilt me into opening his door and letting him skip a nap when he started to cry. I quickly unplugged the camera from where it was placed and planted it on Landon’s bookshelf to look over his room. I shut the door and watched him cry from the Dropcam app. I was able to see his sneaky look towards the door to see if he should continue to cry. No more wondering if he had hurt himself or if he was scared of something... I was at peace,doing house work, knowing he had been milking me all along. Once Dad came home I passed an account invite to him to shared the camera stream so we both could use our own emails to log in to the same account. It was a war we actually have been winning since we have placed the Dropcam in Landon’s room. Another bonus? No more waking Landon up at night when I try to sneak in his room at night and trip over a toy. Dropcam has become my at home nanny.

Not convinced you need a Dropcam? Here are a few other possibilities for the Dropcam I haven’t mentioned yet: Caring for the elderly. Securing a storage unit. Keeping an eye on your yard or driveway. Watching a new babysitter. Worry-free vacations since you can look in at your house.

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