How to Meet Women in Technology

What does networking mean to you? Do you consider meeting new people networking? Do you disguise dating under this term? (Don’t shake your head, some people do!) How do you network? Who do you want to meet? Why do you want to meet them? Do you have a clear expectation when looking to find these people?

There are so many questions to ask, and sometimes there just aren’t enough resources to help you find the answers. Up until recently, I didn’t really know how to network effectively (with other women in technology that is) despite my craving to meet more like-minded women. I actually still don’t know how to do it, but I’ve found some interesting ways that brings me closer to what I want. Working at IBM gave me a lot of great benefits, including a membership to WITI (Women in Technology International). Through this organization, I have been able to keep up to speed with some of the happenings in technology, workshops, resources, events, etc.

I met someone from another ‘chick-blog’ at one of these networking events too – her site is – cute right? I joined Girl Geek Dinners last year, and attended a wonderful dinner about gaming and women in gaming (where I got to see the Kinect prior to it actually launching – oh yeaaaa!)

Another good organization is called – I joined this one because they had a workshop regarding Confident Communication for Women…My favorite part about being a part of Webgrrls are the special tips sent to us and email discussions that float around. You can ask anything and everything and someone is bound to know, or knows someone who does. It is a great network.

Most of these memberships are fairly inexpensive, if not free, and can add so much value in your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, someone looking to change careers, or simply a woman who uses tech.

I believe women don’t support each other enough, and that there is huge power in numbers – so if you’re looking to meet some women. Join one of the above organizations. I will try to get a contact at each – so that we can write something individually about them.

If you know of any other ones to include – please email me at

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