Jane’s Addictions Comes Alive with AT&T and the LG Thrill 4G in 3D

What a night to be a VIP! Last week, AT&T rolled out the red carpet treatment for us at the LG Thrill 4G Smart Phone launch event which featured a live Jane’s Addiction concert…but the experience is so much more than just a concert. Our hosts hooked us and about 100 other people up with the new LG 3D phone with stereoscopic technology to shoot concert footage in 3D while enjoying the concert. All of that footage will be compile to create the first-ever user generated concert video - a multi-user, multiple-dimensional music video experience / documentary which will air on August 4th on youtube.com/comealive.


Check out the jam and experience the music, the lights and the vibe just as we did that night. Impatient? Then go check out the LG Thrill 4G 3D at your local AT&T store.