Celestron Shows You Your World in a Whole New Way with the LCD Handheld Digital Microscope

You have not seen just how much fun science can be until you put a compact digital microscope in the hands a curious child and tell them to go explore! The Celestron LCD Handheld Digital Microscope is an all-enclosed, totally-portable and utterly cool piece of tech that opens up your home, your world and your child’s mind to exploration in a whole new way. The microscope has a 2.4" LCD Screen Panel for viewing magnified objects and includes a digital camera/video camera with 4x digital zoom so you can capture some of your discoveries, still or in-motion, and upload and share them with via USB connection to your PC. It also has 128MB Internal Flash memory and an SD Card Slot that can support up to 8GB for storing your discoveries. Within minutes of unpackaging the microscope, my kids were studying the skin on each other’s feet and making lists of samples they wanted to collect…some of which I really had to pull the ‘mommy card’ and say ‘maybe not’ to…

This is a great little device to have around the house for hobbyists and novice explorers alike.  You can study your rock, stamp, coin or bottle cap collection in a whole new way. House plants and insects are fascinating to observe as are many common household materials and foods. I can think of a few practical applications I would use this for that it is not really intended for such as threading a needle (I would be able to see the eye!), fixing broken jewelry and checking to see if I got all the gunk out of the sippy cup tops after I washed them. I am sure that my imagined applications will prove dull in comparison to what the children will come up with. Maya was already used it to study the detailed artwork in some of her illustrated books.

We were able to use it right out of the package once we put in the batteries however, this device does require an adult to (dare I say it..) read the owner’s manual and complete a few steps, push a few buttons to configure it because the default setting may not be the optimal for you. For example, the out-of-the-box setting for auto shut-off is 1 minute to save battery life but that can be disturbing if you are using it and it goes off every minute, which it was doing for us, so you have to reset that value to one that better aligns to your usage behavior. I shut off the auto shut-off…we will use rechargeable batteries and we can explore unimpeded!

The Handheld Digital Microscope is a powerful yet intuitively easy device to use once configured. It has a simple focus knob, one touch photo and video and adjustable LED illumination powered with 2 AA batteries. It weighs less than 7 ounces, is durable, portable and ideal for exploring out-and-about, at the park, on vacation or anywhere. Our first field day with it will most likely be to the park or the zoo and then to the American Museum of Natural History's Children's discovery room where they have all sorts of bones, rocks and prepared slides that kids can view under a microscope...but not photograph or video...so we will get souvenirs! Then we may flip through Usborne Activities' 50 Science Things to Make and Do to find a batch of kitchen-chemical reactions we can observe under the microscope (like crystalization)... oh what fun!