Pairing zBoost and PhoneLynx to Maximize My Cell Experience at Home

I recently told you about the Wi-Ex zboost and the Cobra PhoneLynx, now let me tell you why I think they are a perfect couple!

  • Both are ‘barely there’ devices that you buy, take 10 minutes to setup and then don’t need to think about again, like your home Wi-Fi router
  • Both enable you to get more out of your cell phone service plan with improved signal at home and improved cell phone battery life
  • Combined, you get consistent dependable cell signal at home and can leverage that signal to use normal ‘home’ phones to make and receive calls, just like having a land line phone plan
  • Neither hit you with additional monthly charges like a home phone would

The zBoost paired with the Cobra PhoneLynx are a great solution for mobile and remote employees, like myself who don’t want a land line but like to work on a larger phone with better speakerphone. It is also ideal for college students in dormrooms. Don’t miss calls because of signal or because you forgot to put your phone ringer on. If the signal isn’t dependable or strong, use the appropriate zBoost, then pair your cell phone with the PhoneLynx and whenever you are in range, the PhoneLynx will pick up your cell’s presence via Bluetooth signal and your dorm phone will ring.