Xbox 360, Dim Sum and Disney...Quite the Cocktail Experiece!

Tonight I went to an xbox 360 cocktail party in downtown NYC with Mike from hardwaregeeks. Having only ever played the xbox once, goaded on by mike during one of our recent and ever-amusing Best Buy excursions, I was a tad shy to jump in and splay my limbs all over, so I sat and watched while we indulged in duck spring rolls and dim sum. Appetite sated, my curiosity overcame any inhibitions I had about jiggling arms and spastic legs and I dove right into a Disney reality experience. It was so much more fun doing it, then watching it. Next up was my air guitar jam... Oh so very public and silly, followed by a smashing, slashing fruit game which brought out the Bruce Lee in me and gave me a better upper body workout then Tae Bo! The best part of the evening was confirming my suspicions that the xbox technology has and is being applied in non-gaming modes including gross and fine motor skill development, core strength building, vestibular and other therapies. I enjoyed the user experience more than I ever imagined I would. I am curious to explore the gaming, social and family experiences an xbox could bring into my home and even more curious to explore what else is going on with xbox technology in education and life sciences.