zBoost Brings the Bars (Cell Signal Bars!) into Your Home or Office...

Dependable phone service is a necessity for a home-office professional. It is just not acceptable to drop off in the middle of a teleconference or get disconnected during a net meeting just because your cell service is spotty. Even having the top floor apartment and putting my desk next to the outermost window, I still experienced dropped calls on occasion, more frequently on one of my carriers than the other. Dropped calls are even more prevalent when to work from my living room where my cell signal isn’t as consistently strong. Rather than invest in a home land line and another monthly expense, I decided to try the Wi-Ex Zboost Cell Phone Signal Extender and was impressed to find that my AT&T service was consistently more dependable and consistently had more bars. zBoost cell coverage extenders support all mobile devices using 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands except those using Nextel. This includes your mobile phones, smartphones & wireless data cards. Since I have AT&T and Sprint in my home, that worked out just fine for me. I have had it installed for a few weeks now and like, a modem, it is a device that you are barely aware you have around, but that is working for you 24/7. It has made a huge difference with AT&T signal. I have less dropped and missed calls, my texts come in rather timely and my phone battery life is longer since it doesn’t spend so much juice ‘searching’. Unfortunately, since Sprint is a different type of network, I would need the zBoost-One YX400-P for help with the Sprint/Metro PCS service…and it does need help in my house.

My AT&T cell phone has now become my default phone, even for work because the zBoost has made it so much more dependable for my important teleconferences. The zBoost Metro YX540  boosts indoor signal up to 1500 square feet. It is designed for users in single story urban dwellings or businesses and doesn’t require an outside antenna placement. The set-up is easy, just place the signal antenna on a window where you get signal. This is great for apartments, possibly dorm rooms and small businesses (I wish my hair salon would install one…it is a one-bar zone which sucks my battery-life halfway through my usual treatment). zBoost Metro YX540 iP is the same model but is optimized for use with the iPhone. The zBoost SOHO extends indoor signal up to 3000 square feet for multiple users making it perfect for any house or office that needs a cell signal boost. It is great for any home that has low or inconsistent signal, be it a home or business.

zBoost packages up everything you need to create a zBoost 'Cell Zone' in the box, every wire, every suction cup, so there is no running back and forth to the hardware store. You can have it up and running in 10 minutes and the set up instructions where easier to follow then many of the preschool toys I get for my kids. If you live or work in a dead zone, you have my condolences, but if you live or work with spotty, inconsistent coverage then a zBoost could make all the difference for you.