Get your Fingers on the Logitech iPad 2 Wireless Keyboard Case

The Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 by Zagg has an embedded wireless Bluetooth keyboard designed with aircraft-grade aluminum and an anodized finish that precisely matches the iPad 2 and that with the high-density foam-padded inside corners, provides superior drop protection, a definite consideration for an iPad that gets as much use and abuse as mine does. The look is sleek and elegant, adding less then an eighth of an inch to the iPad 2 while granting the ability to type and stand the iPad 2 securely in either profile or landscape orientation, which is great for watching movies or enjoying read-to-me eBooks. The Logitech Keyboard Case is charged using a micro-USB charging cable and the rechargeable lithium polymer battery lasts for several weeks of normal on a full charge. The keys are large and comfortable enough for QWERTY-style typing and the keyboard is fast and responsive, but the experience is not the same as a laptop (nor should it be…it is a tablet after all!) which allows you to lazily rest the base of your hands on the keyboard. If you don’t have good posture and hand positioning as part of your typing habit then your hands end up resting uncomfortably on the corner lips of the case. I like the special function keys for cut/copy/paste, music control, volume control, slideshow, home, search, and lock screen. When you open the case, the iPad 2 automatically wakes up and when you close it into the keyboard then it goes back to sleep.

I like this case for tabletop use anywhere, whether at home or around town, with the iPad 2 either propped into the case or used in conjunction with a tablet stand like the Clingo Universal Podium. Because the iPad is not securely locked or strapped into the Logitech Keyboard in the propped position, I am not comfortable with it for lap use (just to be on the safe side) however, because it is a wireless Bluetooth case, if you use a wall mount, a car mount or any other type of secure mount when on the go, you can sit back comfortably and type using the keyboard on your lap…ie) using a Cling Car Mount for front seat or a back-of-seat car mount and the keyboard to e-mail while in the backseat of a car on a road-trip.