Kids Can Touch...the HP TouchSmart 310 PC

The HP TouchSmart 310 PC with HP TouchSmart 4.0 software gets today’s kids who are growing up with smart phones and tablets at home and Prometheus boards in the classroom. They get touch navigation and multimedia, mult-tasking, multi-everything with ease. Young kids drink in the universe through their senses and HP Touchsmart is an ideal feeding ground for them at home and in school. I knew I was going to love this computer for my children who are ‘different’ learners and I was fairly certain that they were going to master it with ease, but I did not expect to get sucked into TouchSmart 4.0 myself. I honestly can not get over how much I enjoy using this computer! This from a PC-for-work, Mac-for-pleasure girl… The HP TouchSmart gets right-brained people like me. Its desktop actually resembles the way I use my own desktop (the wooden one with four legs!) I have sticky notes and post-its around, To-Do lists and a calendar, some photos…I have a thousand apps open (or maybe closer to 9) and then my Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, personal e-mail accounts and calendar…and I move and shuffle them depending on what visual cues I want for the next morning...When I have to run out to a meeting, I gather all my post-its and stick them on my keyboard before closing my laptop so I will see them as soon as I open it back up…imagine a computer that could make my sticky-notes superfluous and still keep me organized…

The HP TouchSmart can do just that! It has these cute magnets allow you to pin up lists (oh, how I love my lists!) and favorite photos and videos on your free-form desktop/refrigerator door/message board…it really is all of those things in one…with scrolling panoramic wall-paper and all sorts of eye-candy that just make the use experience optical ecstasy for the visually dominant and kinesthetics among us.

The easy touch and drag navigation allows me to move applications and content around freely so I can decide what needs to be at my fingertips. The app carousel task bar resembles those that you now see on the latest Smart Phones. It provides easy access to scroll through applications for quick launch and play. So, to be clear, you can install full application software and quick ‘apps’…tell me that is not the best of both worlds!

The HP TouchSmart is a natural family media hub for storing, managing and actively enjoying your family media. The clarity of the 20” diagonal widescreen display is nothing short of stunning so photos, videos, movies, Netflix and Hulu are all as enjoyable as on your TV. Web-browsing with a mixed mouse-click/touch interaction is a far more enjoyable experience and my kids ‘get it’ better since they are used to the tablets.

The HP TouchSmart gives me access to everything I get in a normal PC (as in non-touchscreen) but with a computing experience that is so much more…more intuitive, more reflective of my personal style, more fun for learning, gaming, working and with no trade-offs, no-kidding. The HP TouchSmart is fast with its AMD Athlon processor, the all-in-one design along with the wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse makes for a clutter-free computing experience. The integrated webcam and 6-in-1 Digital Media Reader mean easier skyping, sharing and managing media with less gadgets. Did I mention the great sound quality? Did I mention how affordable the HP TouchSmart is?

It is really an ideal family computer, the only problem I can see are the arguments over which room to put it in for maximum benefit. The kids will want in their room for homework (yeah right!), watching videos, games and apps. I want it in the family room where I can use it for all that organizing, scheduling and list-making that I do…and umm…of course, for some light blogging in the late evening and maybe a little social networking! My husband is going to fight to get it in the kitchen where he can use it to watch cooking videos, using the recipe apps to store his favorites while streaming some horrible music he knows we keep me out of his way!

Honestly, The HP TouchSmart is the Oreo’s you swear you buy for the kids but always end up eating yourself! If you love the touch paradigm of a tablet or smart phone but are looking for a powerful and versatile computing experience or need an intuitive media-hub for the home, I would check out the HP TouchSmart. It really goes without saying that if you have pre-teens, this machine is THE best first full computing experience a child can have. Don't take my word for it...ask Maya...