Get Eye Catching Computer Couture with the Latest in Logitech's Wireless Accessories

Logitech’s Creative Spark computer accessories are artistically designed to personalize your computing experience with comfort and color. The wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, portable lapdesk and HD Webcam come in matching patterns. The elegant design, ergonomics and affordability make these accessories are excellent anyone that uses a laptop frequently. Logitech’s accessories are become even more affordable thanks to Logitech’s Upgrade and Save Trade-In Program (read on for more details….)Personally, I love the Wireless Mouse M305 with the virtually unnoticeable USB nano-receiver. I just plug it in and forget about it is even there. I have had a Logitech mouse (candy apple metallic red) since 2005 which still works just fine despite 5 years of road-warrior wear-and-tear in the bottom of my computer bag. It is a great mouse but has a much larger dongle. Now that I am working from home, I have noticed that I tend to remove the dongle and work without the mouse when I move from my desk to my beanbags or the sofa, which is really bad for my wrists. With the new wireless mouse, the dongle is so small that I am no longer concerned (or even cognizant) that it is plugged in, and combined with the matching Logitech lapdesk, which has a mouse pad pullout, I can work anywhere at home or out and about and still enjoy my wireless mouse, good posture and ergonomics and a sweat-free lap.

The Portable Lapdesk has an anti-slip surface so the laptop sits comfortably on the lapdesk, on my lap without sliding around even as my keyboard-bashing typing bounces the laptop. I can even lean back and tilt the laptop desk on bent knees, opening up the viewing angle of my laptop screen and work slightly reclined because the pull-out mouse pad has a subtle lip which catches the mouse if you tilt but does not disturb your hand when you are using the mouse.

The laptop desk is small, lightweight and thin, so it can fit in many computer bags and sleeves if you want to take it with you for travel. As a temporarily pardoned frequent flyer, I can tell you that this lapdesk would be far more comfortable to use in an airplane than the pull-down, pull-out tables provided and it gives you the advantage of providing a mouse pad to use your wireless mouse. The lapdesk is also good for hotel room, hotel lobby and even working in the back seat of a car...yes, any of us have been there!

The Wireless Keyborard K360 is a sweet laptop or desktop accessory when you want to sit back and relax while typing or use your computer to access media. It has six hot keys and twelve programmable F-keys for instant access to music, e-mail, etc.

For older model laptops and desktop computers which don't include webcams, you can purchase the matching HD Webcam C270 and encourage skyping for study and family contact when students are away at school or parents are on-the-road. Logitech HD Webcam’s have Fluid Crystal Technology which provides a smoother video experience with sharper pictures, richer colors and clearer sound in real-world conditions. There is even abuilt-in microphone that reduces background noise so you will be heard clearly.

Logitech even has an Upgrade and Save Tech Trade-in program. So if you already own Logitech accessories but want to get the matching bundle and upgrade to the latest tech, you can trade in your old Logitech gear and save on a new mouse, keyboard or any other item from Just follow the instructions and Logitech will send you a coupon code that will save you 20% off most items at and 25% off most gaming keyboards, gaming mice and gaming headsets.