My Muliti-media 'Man': The Motorola Droid X2 Android Phone

Ken Murphy from Motorola talks us through the tech and features of the Motorola Droid X2 with Verizon Wireless. Watch what you can do with an HDMI cable and the Droid X2! You can connect the Droid to your TV and it becomes your mobile and agile multi-media host as well as your personal information device. Look at maps, play games, update a document with Quick Office, or watch a video on the TV with no resolution loss. [youtube]

I like the look and feel of this phone in my hand. I can’t say it plainer than that. The weight is comfortable the size is not too big to grip and the screen is just right for what I want to do with my phone. Droid is fast to respond to my multimedia demands with his dual core processor and has the battery stamina to keep up with my constant use without forcing me to Starbucks for a Plug-in-and-charge. His robotic/androidesque voice when I power him is charming to me and I like his unique features the living wall-paper and the social media carousel. I can access just about anything with a thumb-swipe and a tap so I can intuitively reach for what I am looking for as I walk, talk and multi-task without having to stop, stand-still and grip the phone with one hand and finger-peck with the other to find what I need.  The Droid X2 and I get along just fine and I am not sneak-finger-swiping on other smart devices to compensate for anything. He meets my personal device needs.

Back to that multi-media host concept….I am big on sharing videos and photos with family and friends and I love to share a quick powerpoint with colleagues being able to shimmy up to any flatscreen, or anything that takes a mini HDMI connection really, is a big bonus for me. If you want to look under the hood, watch Ken's video blurb or check out the specs at