If Wendy Can DJ, Anyone can DJ

Wendy got an on-the-spot DJ-101 lesson at a Pioneer press event last month. With The Crystal Method mixing onstage amidst the funky retro-mixers-made-art show, Wendy was off to one side with her pioneer DJ Master, a DJM-900 Nexus 4-channel professional DH Mixer wired to a Macbook Pro with an unreal techno/house/hip-hop music library and a pair of noise canceling headphones. It was music bliss! After a 5 minute tour of the board with some hands-on how-to's on scratching, mixing and adding effects, Wendy was syncing beats across 4 songs in her own little "I'm-a'DJ" world for the next 20 minutes. The Nexus has a multitude of color and sound effects, a new X-pad control that provides quick easy access to manipulate the parameters of each beat and supreme sound quality with a built-in 24bit/96kHz high performance sound card. It offers versatile connection options with Pro DJ Link and top panel USB connector. It was so easy to learn that urban-mommy was in her alter-ego chic-mix-master in minutes. Sweet innovation Pioneer!