An Eye Opening Glimpse Into the Future

Wondering what the next emerging ideas are in technology? Latitude, an international research consultancy, asked 201 kids, ages twelve and under, across the world to draw something they would like their computer(s) or the internet to do differently. 4 in 10 responses indicated the desire to merge the contrast between online and offline. The children illustrate that they seek to experience more human-like interactions with technology. Some of these ideas range from a computer where virtual input produces real life products, such as food, to children even envisioning virtual companions or assistants. Through this study, Children's Future Request for Computers and Internet, we are getting an intriguing sneak peak into technology to come. Some of the other ideas included video calling with real-time translation, virtual travel, virtual search engines, and solar powered computers.

With statistics showing 77% of the kids envision more interactive technology to come and 48% of the kids desire more gaming and entertainment in the future I am sure a few of us parents are going to be put to the test of getting our hands on a Wii U, PS4, or XBox720 within the next year or so...

A summary of the study is available here.

Image: Arvind Balaraman