NetChef, Your 'Connected' Cooking Companion

Whether food is your thing or you are a culinary illiterate, the NetChef is an ideal kitchen companion. The NetChef is more than networked kitchen recipe rolodex, it puts the art and science of food at your fingertips with touch screen technology and Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you are a well-weathered cook who regularly strains your brain looking for new meal ideas or a novice learning your way around your spice rack, the Netchef’s preloaded (up to 500!) recipes can help you get creative with your cooking.

Because the Netchef is a ‘connected’ device, it pulls the latest information form the internet so your content is always current. The Netchef has food categories you’d recognize such as Appetizers, Breads, Main Dishes, Soups, Salads, Beef & Pork, Seafood, Desserts etc, pulled from a website. You can also search and download recipe websites, recipe applications, cooking videos and RSS cooking news.

The NetChef has a high-resolution 8” touch screen, two hi-fi speakers for enjoying music in the kitchen, a built-in 2GB memory to store all your favorite recipes and family secret sauces, and external memory can be expanded to 32GB. NetChef is very open to working with popular recipe and cooking websites to add to their preloaded content. Sungale has already integrated Youtube’s most popular cooking channels in NetChef and will continue to expand the content to suit the needs of the NetChef cook. The NetChef will be available in August.