Texting doesn't Kill, People who Text While Driving Do….

No preaching intended, these are the facts: If you are driving while sending texts, you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident. Car and Driver conducted a study in 2009 that indicates that texting while driving is significantly more dangerous than driving while intoxicated and we all accept that drinking and driving don’t mix; now we have to open our eyes to the dangers of texting-on-the-road….and do something about it…and AT&T is… AT&T is committed to safe driving and is delivering this message loud and clear to teens through its Txting & Driving…It Can Wait campaign aimed at educating teen drivers on the dangers of driving and texting. The campaign funds short 10 minute education and awareness films such as The Last Text, four stories of texting, driving, tragedy and needless loss.

Watch the movies, learn about the campaign and test your safe-driving IQ. Commit to the cause by taking the pledge to stop texting while driving and share this vital point of view with the text-aholics you love. And, when the tempting ‘ping’ of a new text makes you reach for the phone while driving for fear of missing out on something or keeping someone waiting, you may think twice and do the safe thing...

We share because we care. Have a safe fourth of July holiday weekend!