Swim with Mighty Fin on the iPhone

Mighty Fin could be the next must have game on your iOS device. You only need one finger, a quick eye and a few minutes to play. Maya and I really enjoy this game and find it as addictive as Angry Birds. Mighty Fin is a fashionable fish who is zooming along the sea floor through obstacles and predators consuming bubbles as he goes. The touch of a finger causes him to dive and letting go will cause him to surface and jump as he continues along his trajectory avoiding boats, crabs, icebergs and being eaten by seagulls. Collecting bubbles increase your score while collecting the costume accessories like bunny ears, dreadlocks and baseball caps hidden throughout add to Mighty Fins wardrobes.

We want to get you swimming with Mighty Fin so read on mate to find out how...

The game has a nice tune and Fin moves so quickly from left to right that you have to react quickly, dragging your finger to drive him low and releasing so he can buoy to the surface. It takes practice to time the dives and jumps, clearing the obstacles and earning passage to the next level and because the levels are randomly generated, it is no easy feat to ‘game’ the level by remembering the sequence.

Check out Maya enjoying Mighty Fin on my iPhone 3GS…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFnGh8OYl_g&w=425&h=349]

This week, Mighty Fin announced a new Survival game mode where you have to try to maintain control of Fin as he swims faster and faster, wrecklessly, depending on your finger-play, but with the determination to unlock 8 new costumes, including a  jester hat and Roman Centurion helmet. Not bad for $0.99. There is also a Might Fin lite version just released which contains three full levels with all three gameplay modes (Normal, Survival, and Endless) as well as 11 costumes.

Cutegeek wants to get you swimming with Mighty Fin! Just comment below and share your idea on the next fabulous costume for Mighty Fin. The best two ideas will win iTunes codes to download the App!

Safe Swimming Everyone!