It Is the Most Dreaded Time of the Year, Ladies… Bikini Time!

And how does a CuteGeek get into shape? With the help of her phone, of course! No matter if you are looking to download these from Apple’s App Store or Android’s Market, even Windows Marketplace, there is something for you. SoftwareX Ltd. has five apps that will have you strutting your stuff poolside: Two Hundred Sit-Ups, Two Hundred Squats, One Fifty Dips, Hundred Push-Ups, and Fifty Pull-Ups. Even though they specialize in Apple development, their sit-up app also is available on the Android Market and their push up-app is available for the Android Market as well as the Windows Marketplace.

Rittr Labs has created three apps for the Android Market that will help you tone up for summer: Push Ups, Sit Ups, and Squats. The concept is the same as the apps from SoftwareX Ltd. but these are free, where SoftwareX Ltd. sells their for $0.99-$2.99, and Ritter Labs design their apps with more visual appeal the number of reps completed are “written” on notebook paper that is attached to a clip board, a very cute way to log your info. Another positive thing about Rittr Lab’s is that their apps are not set with a specific amount; you are able to choose from four different goals.

All of these apps follow the same theme. They start by giving you a number of reps you need to perform, once you have completed them you click the “Done” tab, and then you are given a certain amount of time to rest before the clock reaches zero and you do another set of reps. The idea is that you gradually work your way to your goal by shortening the amount of time between reps as you progress.

Download them today and tone-up this summer!