Intel's Education Service Corps & the Classmate PC...a Story I Want to Tell...

Intel Inside…that’s what you think when you hear the name Intel, that chip that just keeps getting faster and faster, powering our computing at lightening speed. Well, Intel is not just inside… Intel is out there in the world empowering children worldwide and preparing them for the 21st century through the Intel Learning Series, a unprecedented display of corporate citizenship and dedication to educating global youth... [youtube]

“Knowledge is the new currency” and Intel knows that putting technology in a classroom is not a panacea. Teachers need support and training to utilize classroom technologies and children need to be motivated and engaged to learn through them. Based on years of ethnographic research, field studies and with effective partnering, Intel has developed an entire ecosystem that unifies PC Manufacturers, Operating System vendors, content and software providers, and educators with the common goal of collaborating to create comprehensive education solutions that meet the local needs of students in grades K through 8th in over 60 countries and twenty languages around the globe The Intel Learning Series is a sustainable model that benefits individual students and local economies, meeting local needs and respecting local cultural identity.

I met with Wayne Grant, Intel’s director of Research for the Education Market Platforms Group at the CEA Line Show last week and was so moved by our discussion that I wanted to hug him and I said so. I went back a day later to do just that and he summed up our discussion for you in this clip…



The Intel Learning Series model is designed to support students who learn in different ways and at different paces by engaging them in a fun and multi-sensory interactive education experience. Intel works with teachers to integrate multi-media content and internet resources into the existing curriculum. Intel has a reference model design for the Classmate PC which it licenses to local PC Manufacturer’s. Intel employees are so committed to the success of this program that they have developed the Intel Education Service Corps through which Intel employees volunteer to travel and provide their technological know-how to improve technological literacy of children worldwide during their vacation time! That is dedication I admire!

Connect with these great do-ers and experience their adventures at Intel's Education Service Corps (IESC) blog site.

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To the 100 plus Intel Education Service Corps Volunteers, you are my heroes. You demonstrate that 'corporate cares' enough to give some time (away from family and comfort), roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in the challenges that society faces to make for a brighter tomorrow. You do much more than your motto suggests; "Putting Social Responsibility on the Agenda"...because you get it done! You are the role model for the difference each individual can make. Thank you!