Gazelle Will Give You $$$ for Your Gadgets

You just bought a new laptop, received a new camera for your birthday or won an MP3 player through a giveaway. What about your old one, or your broken one…are you really ever going to use it or is it going to sit in a drawer and collect dust? Gazelle believes “your gadgets are worth more than you think” and they will put their money where their mouth is. Gazelle purchases your used electronics and resells them on their eBay store or recycle them. They have a database of over 250,000 products they repurchases and depending on the condition of your gear and its accessories, cables, etc. the website quotes you a price and you can accept or decline. Through July 15th,Gazelle will give you an additional 5% on your next trade in if you enter code GDGTNY at check-out.