Incipio's Smart Feather Case for the half-dressed iPad2

Tablets, unlike smart phones, tend to be heavily shared devices and they need a ‘wardrobe’ to meet the habits and hazards of their users. I purchased an iPad2 in March of this year and was shocked to find that the only cover I could purchase at the Apple Store was the Smart Cover which only protected the screen. I left the store thrilled with my new tablet but weary of carrying it outside the home because it was under-dressed and vulnerable. At home, I only allowed the children to use it while sitting on my bed or on bean bags in an attempt to keep it safe until I could find the right case. I wasn’t the only iConsumer in this bind. Incipio designed its ultra thin Smart Feather iPad2 case ($35) to fit with the Smart Cover and even created it in the same colors, so my tablet is lime green all around. It is thin, lightweight, durable, scratch resistant and I don’t have to forego the benefits and investment in the Smart Cover to get the ‘back end’ well dressed. Cudos Incipio!

If you already have a Smart Cover then the Smart Feather is an ideal mate for function and design. The shell clips on to the back of the iPad 2, wrapping around the aluminum rim but without covering the front bezel. Cutouts along the shell’s rim provide access to the headphone port, microphone, the sleep/wake button, side switch, volume control, speaker, 30 pin connector port and the rear camera. The case is designed to accommodate the magnetic spine on the Smart Cover. If you haven’t yet purchased the Smart Cover then consider some of Incipio’s full-bodies iPad2 cases.

Incipio also offers a full array of wardrobe options for all of your Apple gear, smart phones and tablets.