Responsible Drivers Everywhere, Motorola Wants to Reward You

You are a hands-free talker when you drive. You don't fiddle with your phone and chat in the HOV lane. You are responsible and you do it because you know it's the right thing to do and because you care about others. Motorola salutes your responsible attitude and wants to recognize you, reward you and make it worthwhile for others to follow your example.  June is Safe Driving Month and Motorola Mobility, Inc. is creating awareness in more than 40 states with existing hands-free communication laws by rewarding responsible drivers who keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road with hands-free calling and texting solutions. Through Mototola’s Responsibility on the Road program, Motorola is collaborating with state police in select cities to put Bluetooth devices into the hands of drivers who follow their state and local hands-free laws. I met up with Juli Burda, Senior Manager for Motorola Mobility’s Gobal PR at the CEA Line Show this week and she filled me in on the program’s details…


Visit Motorola on Facebook during June and pledge to be “Responsible on the Road” by using hands-free technology and Motorola will give you 50-percent off select Motorola hands-free devices. Motorola Mobility offers Bluetooth headsets and in-car speakerphones so you can talk-on-the-go and respect state laws. Hands-free devices like the Motorola Roadster, a voice-enabled, in-car speakerphone featuring the MotoSpeak text-to-speech and speech-to-text capability will make it easy and safe for you to make and take calls or hear or respond to text messages while you drive.

Motorola Mobility also provides online resources to educate drivers on new and existing hands-free legislation and includes safe driving literature in-the-box with new mobile devices. Drivers can also find information on hands-free laws at, and those with Android phones can access Motorola’s Smart Handsfree app which uses GPS to discern a user’s state and display an overview of cell phone and texting laws.

I took the pledge, got my discount code and I can not wait to get on the road with a Motorola Droid X2 and a Roadster to enjoy my driving responsibly and stay connected while I head to the beach with the kids this summer.