Big Week in Tech

My feet are sore, my back hurts from lugging around my laptop + goodie bags, my room is a mess and I have a stack of papers, business cards and a ton of other stuff to go through. It means there’s a lot going on in tech this week. I attended a Holiday Gift Guide Show (sponsored by Propel Media Events on Tues), GDGT event (also Tues) and Digital Experience (Wed) all in two days. Tonight there is an event sponsored by HTC at a Hair Salon and we can’t forget about the CEA Line Shows going on – oh, and my day job!

During my lunch breaks and anytime after my normal workday, I’ve managed to schmooze my way into the world of technology by simply saying ‘Hi, my name is Radiris Diaz…(they look at my badge…I wait for the question…and then BAM – ‘CuteGeek huh? Tell me about it…BAM – back to me’…CuteGeek was started about 2 years and we showcase the female perspective on technology, or in Wendy’s words (which always sound better – I love her!) ‘we cover Science, Technology and Lifestyles’…Ultimately, I'm all about improving my life, making it easier, saving time, etc - if anything can do any of the above, I want to know about it, so that I can bring it back to all of YOU (yes, you reading this). I’ve met an extraordinary amount of talented people, have learned about cutting edge technology and have fallen in love with so many things – I want to paint my apartment, turn my phone into a universal remote for only 9.99, sign up w/ Tagged, check out new Orchid collection on 800-Flowers, set up my Buddah Board on my work desk, get one of HP’s wireless mice (only one on the market with no tiny usb thingies that I’ll end up losing), play a video game through OnLive since they’re sending me a free device!, watch videos on Swrv and reminisce about the days when The Box used to exist and…get a new digital camera – maybe one that projects my pictures (Nikon makes one).

Wendy and I have spent a lot of time pondering the toys, tech and articles we would like to bring to you, including polls and giveaways. Zenia and I handled the largest science fair like event in tech last night.

So follow the CuteGeek tech week adventures on Twitter and tell us what you think, what you want and what ...

BTW – Pepcom (who hosts Digital Experience) has the absolute best events. They are by far my favorite to attend. The food is great, the people are beyond incredible, and it really makes getting to know tech, or the new product to hit the tech industry extremely enjoyable. I can’t wait for the next event!